Custom Men Fashion Winter Warm Sheepskin Boots Slippers

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*Men Slippers–9440

* Select high-quality sheepskin material, cow suede material

* Wool collar design for warmth and comfort

*2 ways to wear:fold down and flod up

* Rubber outsole, suitable for indoor and outdoor wear

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Simple introduction and different colors

Modern Style Winter Warm sheepskin Shoes:

These fluffy ankle boots, designed to give you a little ankle warmth, are made of the best material, providing comfort, durability, and timeless style with every step.Ankle sheepskin boots extend to the outline of your feet and wear a pattern over time to ensure each suede boot is suitable for comfort and a more fit when worn.

This winter shoe can be custom-made in size.If you need different sizes, please send an enquiry to contact us for the most appropriate service.

This shoe comes in 2 ways to wear: fold down and flod up.These ladies ankle boots are specially constructed sheepskin lining for comfort and warm.Bull suede upper, which can be customized in various colors.Woool collar adjustable warm ankles for indoor / outdoor wear.Footwear for comfort, support, and traction.Quality rubber outsole for skid protection and durability.

Wear our slippers and add some style of matching, whether you are relaxing indoors or spending the day outdoors.Warm up every winter.


Our custom service

We provide customized services and have completed their customized products for many customers. With mature customization ability, you can rest assured that the bold choice of us, believe in our strength.

Customizations available:

1. Customized logo :Insole, Outsole, Upper, etc

2. Customized materials :Sheepskin, imitation wool, imitation rabbit hair, sequins, etc

3. Custom colors: pink, black, gray, etc

4. Custom sizes: different sizes, European and American sizes

5. Customized packaging: shoe box, plastic bag, etc., can also be customized Logo packaging

Please contact us if you have customized ideas. Send enquiries or email to

We will reply to you within 6 hours, please be patient, we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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